Praise & Worship

Your Worship = Your View of God
This site was created and is being maintained for you who desire a deep, intimate relationship with God,
worshiping Him through study and music, and drawing near to Him
that He might change you into the likeness of His Son,
Jesus Christ.
Hebrews 13:15&16
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" Y o u r   W o r s h i p   =   Y o u r   V i e w   o f   G o d "

What do I mean when I say this?

I mean that if - in your times of public (or even private) worship - you're too embarrassed to lift your hands,
or lift your voice, or bow your knee . . . then it would stand to reason that your worship is very small,
and your god is probably very small.

A. W. Tozer said, "Worship rises or falls with our concept of God, and that if there is one terrible disease in the Church of Christ, it is that we do not see God as great as He is.
We're too familiar with God".

This familiarity with God cost Uzzah his life.  He's the one at whose house the Ark of the Presence of God stayed for so many years.  Then, when it came time to bring the Ark back into the city of God, the cart upon which it was riding nearly tipped over, and Uzzah (whose name means "strength") presumed to reach out to steady it, and he was struck dead.

You might say, "That is astonishing !", to which I would agree with Tozer when he said
"The God of the modern evangelical rarely astonishes anyone".

We serve a terrible and astonshing God.  A God Who has provided for our every need; most importantly the saving of our very souls from the eternal torture of hell, and so we would do well to show Him how much we appreciate that in our times of worship.