T a b l e   of     C o n t e n t s
A lengthy article, but an absolute "must-read".  A wealth of information, and my personal thanks goes out to whomever wrote it.
A  S t u d y  o f  P r a i s e  &  W o r s h i p
A  S t u d y  o f  P r a i s e  &  W o r s h i p
When reading the Psalms, it is important to note that there are several words translated into English as 'praise', but the various root words have very different meanings.
W h a t   i s   " W O R S H I P " ?
" T h e   P o w e r   o f   P r a i s e   &   W o r s h i p "
An inspiring article by Rev. Dale A. Robbins, M.Div.  I encourage you to read this, and take up his challenge "to become a person of praise, and experience the release of the power of God!"
An article by Timothy D. Barber about the growing emphasis on doing spiritual warfare through worship.  "Scriptural military terminology and analogies, as well as our own experiences, show that there is indeed a battle going on."
Worship is our lives exalting Him, giving Him honor and blessing Him in the easy times, the hard times, the joyful times, the weeping times, and at all times.
" B i b l i c a l   F o u n d a t i o n s   o f   W o r s h i p "
This is a teaching that I presented to our congregation as part of a series on Discovering Worship.3 major topics are discussed - The Benefits, The Ways, and The Costs of Worship.
In this article, Barbara Bate discusses the answers to questions such as,
"Why do people come to worship?", and, "Where and how does worship happen?", and, "What prevents people from being touched in and through worship?"
" T h e   C o n v e r g e n c e   M o v e m e n t "
Arising out of a common desire and hunger to experience the fullness of Christian worship and spirituality, the Convergence Movement seeks to blend or merge the essential elements in the Christian faith represented historically in three major streams of thought and practice: the Charismatic, Evangelical/Reformed and Liturgical/Sacramental.
" A   L i f e   o f   P r a i s e   &   W o r s h i p "
" E n r i c h i n g   W o r s h i p "
7   H e b r e w   W o r d s   f o r   " P R A I S E "
" W o r s h i p   &   S p i r i t u a l   W a r f a r e "
h o m e
" D a n i e l ' s   W o r s h i p "
"Surrender is the foundation of forgiveness . . .and surrender is . . . worship.
Unless the life is bowed to God in utter abandon,
forgiving will be a nightmare and a near impossibility."
An inspiring and informing collection of quotes from some of the most repected pastors, preachers, theologians and psalmists - certain to help you better understand the immense and unknowable subject of Worship
Q u o t e s   o n   " W O R S H I P "
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